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Air Force Looks For New Provider To Manage The Space Enterprise Consortium


Reportedly, the Air Force’s SMC (Space and Missile Systems Center) is looking forward to making changes in the administration of its fast flourishing SpEC (Space Enterprise Consortium). In a request for information, SMC declared it is “attempting market research to help in informing the attainment strategy to rewire the SpEC Other Transaction Agreement.” The SpEC is formed by SMC less than 2 Years ago and has speedily become a major player in SMC’s efforts to mend the cultural gap amid commercial space startups, military buyers, and small businesses. The consortium directs the development of pre-production models of space systems, comprising payloads, satellites, and ground systems. Till date over 50 representation projects have been granted by the SpEC.

By using extraordinary contracting authorities, the SpEC importunes bids from companies and makes sure projects are granted to nontraditional military providers. In November 2017, the Air Force selected Charleston—which is a South Carolina-based Advanced Technology International—to administer the consortium. The organization was granted a 5-Year contract to oversee at least $100 Million worth of projects. The request for information recommends SMC wants to modify how the SpEC is managed due to fears and concerns about the security of companies’ important information.

On a related note, recently, USAF silently awarded Tetra-3 agreement to York Space Systems. In the recent time, the U.S. Air Force awarded a contract to York Space Systems by using its SpEC for Tetra-3, which is a microsatellite that would be utilized to prototype operations and tactics, procedures, and techniques, Aerospace DAILY reported. The service’s SMC confirmed to Aerospace DAILY that a $12.8 Million contract was granted to York Space Systems in the last month. The organization was one of five vendors that contested for the agreement.

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