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NASA Issues Proposals’ Request For Its Lunar Gateway Logistics


Reportedly, NASA officially has issued a call for applications to provide cargo transportation services for its lunar Gateway, offering at least $7 Billion in agreement to support missions of the human-tended facility. The GLS (Gateway Logistics Services) request for proposals is alike to a summary version of the request that was issued by the space agency in June. The applications are due to NASA till October 1, with the agency anticipated to grant one or more deals before the end of the calendar year. With this program, companies will deliver minimum 1,000 Kilograms of unpressurized cargo and 3,400 Kilograms of pressurized cargo to the Gateway on every mission.

The vehicle will be required to discard pressurized and unpressurized cargo same as it provides to the Gateway. One change in the prerequisites for such cargo spaceship from the draft RFP is the duration of mission. The draft RFP reported that cargo vehicles must be designed to stay connected to the Gateway for 3 Years and that the ability for even long-term missions “should be taken into account.” The final RFP needs vehicles to be developed for just 1-Year stay at the Gateway, but with the alternative for potentially longer operations. The program will utilize fixed firm price agreements with milestone payment plans, like that utilized for cargo transportation services for the ISS (International Space Station).

Recently, NASA was in news as the space agency’s program known as “OMG” is trying to determine how quickly Greenland’s ice is melting. Greenland’s ice sheet is dissolving almost six times faster than it was melting in the 1980s. In recent time, it lost 11 billion tons of ice on the surface in a single day, which is enough to fill over 4 Million Olympic-sized swimming pools. Summer arises sooner there and is anticipated to last longer.

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