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Health Officials Warn On Probable Salmonella Outbreak At Grocery Store


An investigation on a potential Salmonella outbreak at a Southwest Side grocery store is carried out by Chicago health officials. The Chicago Department of Public Health highlighted that approximately 4 individuals had to face health issue due to the consumption of pork tamales or carnitas from Sun View Produce’s deli section.

The health department stated that people should discard carnitas, pork tamales, or other hot foods purchased from Sun View Produce’s deli section since July 1. It also warned that people who consumed food from the deli between July 1 and August 5, 2019, might have been exposed to Salmonella and they should promptly seek medical attention if experience severe diarrhea, high fever, or dehydration signs. While symptoms of Salmonella are typically seen for approximately 4–7 Days, the majority of people show recovery without any treatment, health officials stated.

Since August 5, the concerned food items are not available at the store. The department cleared that no contamination was detected in the food made after August 5. Dr. Janna Kerins from the Chicago Health Department stated, “Salmonella is a bacteria type mostly seen on meat. These bacteria are spread if people don’t wash their hands properly before handling the food. So, we work with the food workers to ensure they are handling foods appropriately, cooking foods to the precise temperature that can kill the bacteria.” This is said to be the 2nd Salmonella outbreak in 2019 associated with the pork carnitas sale in Chicago, whereas the recent one observed in February 2019 was associated with a small supermarket from the Archer Heights neighborhood.

On a similar note, Dole Fresh Vegetables has announced the voluntary recall of baby spinach owing to a probable Salmonella health risk. The company has recalled 10 oz of Dole Baby Spinach clamshell with Lot number W203010 and 6 oz of Dole Baby Spinach bag with Lot number W20308A, both with the expiry date of 08-05-2019. If people get the baby spinach with the abovementioned lot numbers, they should not use it.

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