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Exposure To Screens For Longer Time Linked With Obesity In Kids


Recently, a study indicated that Finnish kids who were in front of screens for a long time have a heightened peril for abdominal obesity and overweight, despite the extent of their physical activity. Reportedly, the surge in childhood obesity is one of the major health problems worldwide. The study investigated connections amid screen time and obesity by using the Fin-HIT (Finnish Health in Teens) data, encompassing over 10,000 kids across Finland. The study was conducted on kids from the age group of 9–12 Years. The subjects stated the time spent watching films on screens, television programs, and the duration of sedentary computer use. The study was published in the journal Scientific Reports.

The study demonstrated that heavy screen time is linked with abdominal obesity and overweight. There was no variation in the findings by gender, age, sleep duration, native language, and exercise during leisure time. Watching a lot of television was also linked with abdominal obesity and overweight in kids who exercised the most. Elina Engberg—from the UH (University of Helsinki)—said, “It should be noted that this study does not say anything regarding causality. It might be that overweight kids spend additional time in front of screens, or that plentiful screen time may outcome in overweight.”

On a related note, recently, a new hormone injection has helped in weight loss in the patients suffering from obesity. An injection has resulted in the reduction of glucose levels and body weight in patients having obesity and diabetes in just 4 Weeks. The results came from small research in which patients lose on average 4.4 Kg and the treatment caused extensive improvements to their blood glucose. Reportedly, obesity is a widespread problem across the U.K. and it is estimated that 1 in 4 adults are obese.

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