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Major Surgery Can Age Individual’s Age By 5 Months: Study


The latest study highlighted that when an individual goes through surgery, there is a possibility that it may add approximately five months to the age of their brain. According to this study, people undergoing the surgery are at more than twice higher risk to witness “substantial” brain decline. Researchers highlighted that this effect was not as bad as for the stroke patients and for the patients who are admitted in the hospital for another medical issue. Scientists added that the results of this research were positive.

In England, surgeries of approximately 4.4 Million people are carried out every year. Reportedly, two-thirds of individuals are concerned that due to operation, their brains might get affected. This study did not include the types of anesthetic used in the surgeries. So, the researchers were not able to prove that the surgery was the reason for the brain decline. At the same time, they admitted the requirement of an operation might be just a symbol of otherwise poor health.

To study how surgery can affect the aging process of one’s brain, the scientists from the University of Wisconsin inspected data from approximately 7,532 British individuals. They looked particularly at cognitive decline—the natural loss of brain function generally found in older people. Scientists discovered that while a few health conditions including Alzheimer’s disease and stroke can speed up cognitive decline rapidly, hospital stays too can have a similar impact on the brain’s aging process.

On a similar note, according to the latest research available in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine, there is a need to grow awareness on the mental health disorders among the adult cerebral palsy patients. Daniel Whitney from Michigan Medicine stated that according to the reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in the U.S., 1 in every 323 children is suffering from cerebral palsy. Whitney added that the focus of the majority of cerebral palsy research is on childhood. He assured that numerous advanced treatment options are currently available that enable these children to live longer and grow up to be adults.

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